Hearts Region

Hearts Region includes: Jersey’s, Country Nites, Carbone’s, Park Place

The top 30% of point earners from each nightly tournament at each location will be qualified to participate in the Region Qualifier for our State Tournament.

If you cannot make your designated regional and wish to attend an alternate, you may contact us via Direct Message on Twitter, Facebook message, by emailing straightflushpokertour@gmail.com or by texting/calling Crystal Kempf at 651-295-6854. You MUST notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to attend a different regional event. Same day requests will NOT be approved.

The winner of each Regional Qualifier event will receive a $500 bonus chip for the State Tournament. If someone qualifies for multiple Regionals and wins multiple Regional Tournaments, they will receive a $500 bonus chip for each tournament they win. Bar Champions are eligible to receive these bonus chips in addition to any bonus chips earned for being the Champion of more than on location.

The State Tournament will be held on a Sunday at Running Aces Casino. Registration will begin at 10:00am and the tournament will begin promptly at 12:00pm. Exact date is pending but as soon as it is finalized, we will update everyone.

Players who qualified for the Hearts Region State Tournament Qualifier:
Jennie Peterson
Bonnie Woodbeck
Mike Schoeder
Deanna Olsen
Nate Mueller
Rob Hullopeter
John Kennedy
Patrick Tima
Dan Gunderson
Brendan Rank
Nissa Schaefer
Bob Davis
Marcus O
Todd Ebel
Bill Sylvander
Kim Neal
Shane Grass
Linda Desonpere
Steve Woodbeck
Dave Jones
Joey Nyberg
Ben Cummins
Sam Shenouda
Dave Rasmussen
Mike Beberg
Janet Welsch
Brandon Switch
J.J. Anderson
Mark Haynes
Dom D’Valle
Melissa Steiner
Jeremy Strauss
Chris Gale
Peter Agnes
Toxic Tyke P.
Jake C
Matt Husnik
Nick Sachs
Holly Wilson
Kirk Woodbeck
Lance Ward
Eric Gorres
Nancy Hagen
Michael Cairl III
Jake D
Eric Sanders
Dustin Tuttle
James Anderson
Bob Isaacson
Shawn Garcia
John Knowles
Jon Beavers
Joel Thurber
Shawn Paschke (tie)
Tim Thornbeck (tie)