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Spades Region State Tournament Qualifier will be held on Monday, January 27, 2020 at Cedarvale Lanes/Fitz’s Bar. Registration opens at 6:30p and cards are in the air at 7p.

Spades Region includes: Adagio’s, Casper’s, Cedarvale Fitz’s, Palmer Lake VFW, and Biff’s

The top 30% of point earners from each nightly tournament at each location will be qualified to participate in the Region Qualifier for our State Tournament. The lists of those who qualified are below. Each of the links below will take you to the page with the details of each tournament as well as the list of those who qualified.

If you cannot make your designated regional and wish to attend an alternate, you may contact us via Direct Message on Twitter, Facebook message, by emailing or by texting/calling Crystal Kempf at 651-295-6854. You MUST notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to attend a different regional event. Same day requests will NOT be approved.

The winner of each Regional Qualifier event will receive a $500 bonus chip for the State Tournament. If someone qualifies for multiple Regionals and wins multiple Regional Tournaments, they will receive a $500 bonus chip for each tournament they win. Bar Champions are eligible to receive these bonus chips in addition to any bonus chips earned for being the Champion of more than on location.

Lorraine Hamilton Adagios
Paul Neuberger Adagios
Mark Nelson Adagios
Richard Allen Adagios
Jane Neuberger Adagios
Nate French Adagios
Ernie Christensen Adagios
Chicken Wing Adagios
Bill Wallace Adagios
Derek Fritze Adagios
Qadira Bradshaw Adagios
Jennifer Bezhig Adagios
Tim Prehn Cedarvale/Fitz
Myke Zurn Cedarvale/Fitz
Jarrod Loerzel Cedarvale/Fitz
Sandi Raines Cedarvale/Fitz
Sam Anderson Cedarvale/Fitz
Dwayne Garwood Cedarvale/Fitz
Paul Baumgard Cedarvale/Fitz
Connor Pelch Cedarvale/Fitz
Sean P Cedarvale/Fitz
Bud Abbott Cedarvale/Fitz
Sever Cedarvale/Fitz
Dean LeMieux Caspers
Joel Carter Caspers
Mike Renlund Caspers
Sam T Caspers
Bryan Stanton Caspers
John L Caspers
Jason Leurquin Caspers
Paul Neuburger Palmer Lake VFW
Craig Tekse Palmer Lake VFW
Michael P Nelson Palmer Lake VFW
Mike Miller Palmer Lake VFW
Bill Schultz Palmer Lake VFW
Dan Witt Palmer Lake VFW
Al Wuori Palmer Lake VFW
Ricardo Barrett Palmer Lake VFW
Taquinia Douglas Palmer Lake VFW
Murray Herstein Palmer Lake VFW
Vernon Blanchard Palmer Lake VFW
Curtis Petersen Biffs Wednesday
Justice Calane Biffs Wednesday
Kerri Madden Biffs Wednesday
Ken M Biffs Wednesday
Mike Flynn Biffs Wednesday
Leland Warren Biffs Wednesday
Jermaine Wiley Biffs Wednesday
Happy Dave Biffs Wednesday
Jen Ware Biffs Wednesday
Brandon Schultz Biffs Wednesday
Scott Rochat Biffs Friday
Grizz Biffs Friday
Glenn Brown Biffs Friday
Jannell Brown Biffs Friday
Lewis Wood Biffs Friday
Rick Golden Biffs Friday
Joseph Lockhart Biffs Friday
Kader Biffs Friday
Miss Ann Biffs Friday